The Path to a User-Friendly Tool

Text by: Marie Stebner – Student Assistant at RWTH Aachen University; Vera Rick -Research Assistant at RWTH Aachen University As the blogpost from May 2020 already stated, we were unable […]

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WAOW Tool Architecture

Text by: Pauline Loygue – Chief Marketing Officer – GREEN COMMUNICATIONS During the past few months, the WA project partners have been working on the design and development of a […]

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Security and Privacy

Text by: Alessandro Barenghi – Politecnico di Milano; Gerardo Pelosi -Politecnico di Milano Data about ourselves, whether relating to our habits, our state of fitness, our location, is a part […]

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WorkingAge Intervention Model

Test by: Rosa Almeida – Participatory Design Manager – INTRAS; Adriana Grau – Psychologist – INTRAS; Mª José Hernández – Project Manager – INTRAS The increase in longevity together with […]

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