Text by: Aris Bonanos – EXUS

The pilot involving teleworkers, hosted by EXUS, has come to its conclusion. It was a very useful and rewarding experience for all volunteers, who got the opportunity to interact with leading-edge technology and see how machine learning and artificial intelligence powered components can be integrated into a solution aimed towards improving their wellbeing both inside and outside of the work environment.

EXUS also had the opportunity to review the performance of the technical tools demonstrated in the pilot. These included the gesture-based interaction system and the communication protocol between the users and the edge-servers. Regarding the gesture-based interaction system, it was deployed on a limited set of volunteers due to the large computational requirements associated with live processing of video footage. However, the component performed excellently in terms of response time and detection accuracy. Similarly, the overall communication infrastructure deployed was found to be easily capable of handling all users concurrently, introducing very low latency in the communication and being able to easily handle at least 100 times more users.