The second official meeting of Working Age project took place in Cambridge, from February 18th to 20th, 2020.

During these three days of intense meetings, the project partners have tried to make progress in the design of the pilots that will take place in the laboratory, as well as in the structure of the data that are intended to be collected and how to organize them for the tool, compose by a set of sensors that capture variations of the person and the environment, could provide precise indications on how to maintain or improve their health conditions to future users in their work environment and at home. In the planning of the different phases of testing, we have entities such as the Mutual Universal and the Antolin Group.

The project faces many challenges: how to organize and connect all the sensors, organize and analyse the data received, and how to give recommendations to users. Of course, it will also take into account all legal and ethical aspects related to the collection and use of such data.

With each face-to-face meeting, partners are more familiar each other, communication flows and the motivation of working together grows up!

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