Text by: Mª José Hernández, Ruth Antolín, Rosa Almedia – INTRAS Foundation; Aris Bonanos – EXUS

The pilot tests are on the starting line, ready to begin this adventure in which workers over 45 years of age will use the WAOW Tool to improve their well-being at work and in their free time. For this reason, different companies are collaborating in the WorkingAge project in the pilot phase. One of them is EXUS in Greece, where the use case of teleworkers is studied.

EXUS is an enterprise software company specializing in credit risk management, digital transformation services and innovation management. EXUS was founded with the vision to simplify enterprise software, make it simple, accessible and exciting. EXUS supports organisations worldwide to improve their results by introducing simplicity & intelligence in their business processes through state of the art technology. EXUS designs, creates and markets software solutions and services in several business areas such as finance, e-health, e-learning, and security. EXUS covers a wide spread of activities by leveraging the expertise of its 130+ people strong technical divisions that are led by expert project managers and senior consultants.

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, EXUS has transitioned to a remote working environment. Despite the challenges of teleworking, the promotion of healthy habits among its workforce, particularly to workers over the age of 50, remains a priority. The WorkingAge of Wellbeing Tool (WAOW Tool) affords precisely such an opportunity. Through the pilot use of the developed technology in the WorkingAge project, our employees can benefit from a digital personal assistant that can lead to healthy aging both inside and outside of the working environment.

Figure 1. Pilot test at EXUS: teleworker.

Figure 2. Implementation of the WAOW Tool (and the sensors) at EXUS pilot test.

Stay tuned! Soon WorkingAge will introduce you to the rest of the collaborators.