Text by Marteyn van Gasteren – ITCL Technology Centre

At the Burgos Industry 4.0 Technology Exhibition, ITCL presented the body posture demonstrator as part of the WorkingAge project. A varied audience, from different industrial sectors, universities and public administrations, enjoyed the presentation of the ergonomics evaluator based on the detection of body postures in workstations. It is one of the modules of the WAOW tool of WorkingAge. At the ITCL stand, visitors were able to see how this demonstrator works by measuring their posture live through the real-time image transmitted on a television. They were also able to resolve their doubts about how it works and its practical applications.

The WorkingAge project attracted the interest of various entrepreneurs and business representatives visiting the ITCL stand. They exchanged ideas about the technologies, potential application, and the possibility of implementing the system in their companies. The stand was also recorded by the regional television, they interviewed ITCL about the project and included a short demonstration in the news bulletin.