Text by Julia Czerniak-Wilmes , Researcher at RWTH Aachen University

In line with the motto “digital change, digital work, digital people?” WorkingAge successfully participated in the Society for Industrial Engineering’s first digital conference of the 66th spring convention (German: Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft) in March.

Due to the worsening situation regarding COVID-19 at that time, the organizer reacted immediately and within a very short time the three-day event at the Technical University of Berlin developed into a completely digital congress with over 50 sessions, 160 oral presentations and about 50 poster presentations.

The WorkingAge project has chaired its own session “Future of Work – Smart Digital Assistance for Tomorrow’s Workplace” and entered the international discourse with exciting scientific contributions on this topic. When initiating the session, the idea was to communicate our research and to bring together different approaches facing current challenges of the European labour force, such as demographic change, work-related stress and musculoskeletal disorders. Following the question of how to achieve developing healthier working habits by assisting workers in daily routine, the aim was to joint innovative concepts facing these problems and to get further insights into the state of the art.

The audience’s feedback on WorkingAge was positive without exceptions, regardless of the use case production, office or driving. This above all has confirmed us in our actions so far and we are happy to take home this motivating message. We really look forward to proceeding further despite the current circumstances.

We are happy to have been part of this special digital congress and to have had the great experience of seeing that the world of science is so well connected and boundless.

In summary: A complete success for WorkingAge. Let’s keep up the good work together!

66. Frühjahrskongress der Gesellschaft für Arbeitswissenschaft

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