Text by: Marie Stebner, Student Assistant at RWTH Aachen University; Vera Rick, Research Assistant at RWTH Aachen University

During the month of May, our first online questionnaire to collect data from secondary and tertiary users, as described in one of our previous posts, was launched. The survey asked about the use of technology at work, the digitalization of the workplace, as well as collection, acceptance and use of data gathered at the workplace.

Now the questionnaire is over, and the results can be evaluated. Although we are only at the beginning of analysing the data sets, the results look promising and we are excited to see what insights can be gathered.

So far, we can proudly announce that we have collected data from more than 450 people from three different countries: Germany, the UK and Spain. The data collected ranges from people aged between 35 and 70 with numerous different occupations (Figure 1).

Figure 1: Survey sample (Image by RWTH Aachen University)

As we evaluate the data, some specific research questions can be explored. These research questions range from the acceptance of the WAOW Tool depending on cultural background to the influence of different workplaces on the WAOW Tool (Figure 2).

Figure 2: Overview of the research questions (Image by RWTH Aachen University)

These research questions are important and aid in creating the best working and accepted WAOW Tool among all user group.

We are very excited to see what results the data will bring and how these data points can help optimize the WAOW Tool.