Text by: Vicenzo Ronca – Brain Signs

The WorkingAge research project is very close to the In-Company tests starting, the final experimental phase in which the WorkingAge Of Wellbeing (WAOW) tool will be daily used by workers along their standard working days.

The objective of this phase is to test the effectiveness of the different modules constituting the WAOW tool and to obtain an objective feedback with the respect of the WAOW tool from the workers.

Before starting the real-world tests in the context of the In-Company, the partners of the Consortium involved in the In-Company tests organization are managing to set up all the logistic issues.

The In-Company tests will last 8 months, along which all the workers will be monitored by using each of the modules integrated in the WAOW tool. Concerning the modules that include expensive sensors, we are going to set up a continuous rotation among the workers involved in the tests, in order to ensure that all of them will be monitored with the complete set of modules along the entire duration of the experiments.