Text by: Aris Bonanos – EXUS

The COVID pandemic brought a new reality into our daily lives: teleworking. A lot of us experienced the transition of our personal spaces into home-offices, as mandated in different countries across Europe to ensure public health. This was also true for EXUS. Our company further decided to maintain this mode of operation throughout 2021, giving the WorkingAge project a unique opportunity to test the WAOW tool on teleworkers, in addition to the other two use-cases of office and factory workers.

Over the past month, we are gearing up for deployment of the WAOW tool to teleworker volunteers from EXUS. All partners from the project are shipping equipment to EXUS and we are gathering and configuring the setup to install in the volunteers’ home-office to begin the short-term tests.

In addition, we are in contact with partners from ITCL and TPZ, responsible for the other two pilot activities, for coordination of equipment purchasing and deployment, smoothing the process with lessons learned from the EXUS pilot.