Dahua Technology, a world-leading video-centric smart IoT solution and service provider has partnered with the Spanish ITCL Technology Centre for the development of the WorkingAge project. The project studies and promotes healthy habits in working environments focusing on people aged over 45.

WorkingAge is funded by the European Commission with a €4 million budget over 3 years and will run until the beginning of 2022. ITCL is the coordinator of a consortium of 12 partners including University of Cambridge, Telespazio, RWTH University, Politecnico di Milano University, EXUS and the European Emergency Number 112 Association.

ITCL and its partners developed a digital solution called The WorkingAge Of Wellbeing (WAOW). The tool uses innovative Human Computer Interaction methods and analyzes three types of working environments: Office, Teleworking and Manufacturing. A sensor system provides workers with assistance in their everyday routine in the form of recommendations, risk avoidance and reminders. Dahua cameras are being deployed for recognition of body postures (ergonomic) and facial expression (emotions), as well as for gesture recognition and face authentication. ITCL’s cybersecurity experts implemented a sophisticated video encryption module ensuring user privacy and compliance with GDPR regulations.

“We are pleased to enhance smart working environments together with a renowned institute like ITCL. Being part of their success shows our expertise in offering solutions beyond security. Dahua Technology cares for psychological and social well-being, and technology can help us achieve this,” says Steven Patteeuw, Dahua European Partner Alliance Manager. “ITCL is coordinating the WorkingAge project and we both look forward to new developments. Currently, we are exploring new analytics solutions embedded on Dahua cameras. The journey has just begun,” he added.

ITCL was founded in 1989. Based in Spain, the company develops Research and Innovation projects nationwide and internationally. Per year, more than 180 projects are developed for the private industry or collaborative research. They are a reference for leading technological research & innovation projects, providing technological diagnoses, technical feasibility studies and specialized trainings.

“The collaboration with Dahua is very important for our vision-based solutions,” comments Marteyn van Gasteren, Manager of collaborative research and innovation at ITCL and WorkingAge Project Coordinator. “It provides a high-quality and stable base for our imaging software research and solutions. After the excellent experience in the WorkingAge project, where about 140 Dahua cameras play a key role in privacy-respecting image acquisition, ITCL is very pleased to count on Dahua as a partner for future challenges and help each other grow.”

The WorkingAge project has received funding from the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement No 826232.