Text by: Aris Bonanos – Project Manager – EXUS

In a recent blog post  we discussed the first steps of the integration of all components into the functional WorkingAge system. Our efforts are now nearing completion, with the full range of sensors deployed in the home-office of a teleworker participant.

For each sensor, the integration process consists of testing the following message chain:

  1. Seamless connection of the user devices with the edge server via a secure and dedicated communications channel developed by the project
  2. The mobile phone sends the user registration details to the edge cloud – applicable for components connecting via WiFi to the edge
  3. The edge cloud sends an acknowledgement receipt back to the mobile app
  4. The user confirms the ability to start and stop the components at any time they desire, either through a gesture or through the appropriate menu option on the mobile phone
  5. The edge cloud sends high level data back to the mobile phone, after processing the raw data generated by each sensor
  6. For components connecting via Bluetooth to the mobile app (e.g. smart scale, activity tracker, environmental sensor), the receipt of data from the mobile phone is verified

The integration efforts are almost complete, with the first promising results on the overall system performance already obtained. Additionally, several bugs have been identified and resolved, which facilitates the smooth commencement of the short-term tests, scheduled for June 2021.