WORKINGAGE starts up walking!

‘WorkingAge’ project start meeting was held in Burgos at the ITCL offices, the project coordinator, on 05th and 06th of February, 2019. The project, which will last three years, is formed by a consortium of twelve partners from six different countries (Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Germany and Greece).
For this occasion, about thirty people, including partners and collaborators, met to define the steps to follow and initiate cooperation lines between the different partners to advance the project.
WorkingAge is a project aimed at improving the quality of life of people in their work and personal environment, using innovative methods of HCI (augmented reality, virtual reality, gesture recognition, voice and eye tracking) in order to measure the emotional states, cognitive and health of the user and create communication routes with him.
The objective of the project is to promote healthy habits of users in their work environment and activities of daily life to improve their working and living conditions, and thus mitigate the impact of aging on their autonomy, improving working conditions, Health & Wellness.