Text by: Pauline Loygue – Chief Marketing Officer – Green Communications

The Internet of Edge (IoE) developed by Green Communications through the WorkingAge project will soon be deployed in hospitals and care centers. The IoE will connect patients, IoT devices and pepper robots in multiple care facilities and homes and provide them with edge-based digital services among which a blockchain for healthcare data traceability.

The Internet of Edges [1] was developed to extend the footprint of Green PI, the Internet and Edge Cloud platform of Green Communications. The IoE connects Green PI operating over multiple locations (e.g. office and teleworking places or hospitals and homes) to create the equivalent of a large cloud distributed at the edge. Thus, people’s data travel from home to office (or home to hospital) directly with no third party’s cloud as intermediary.

This new deployment of the Internet of Edge will be performed though the HosmartAI project funded under the H2020 programme.

For more information on the Internet of Edges and its applications, please, contact Green Communications.

[1] White paper: Internet of Edges – An alternative to the cloud for fast, secure, and resilient IoT applications and data sovereignty. https://www.green-communications.fr/wp-content/uploads/2021/01/Internet-of-Edges.pdf